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Shiji Sojan and Family, Abu Dhabi
Right from my early adolescence, I have always been fascinated by ATLAS Jewellery, its originality, the designs, and the blend of colours and choices of the jewellery. The reasonable prices, uniqueness and guarantee on the purity of the metals and stones always created a positive impression in my mind. Also, the own voice of Mr. Ramachandran, the chairman, has created a feeling of authenticity and a need in me to try the brand and a commitment to continue using it. The exclusive jewellery designs are always to the level of my aspirations. I was pleasantly surprised to see the wonderful service of your Abu Dhabi staff, which made me feel that you treat each of your customers as equal and important. The sales persons always created a good relationship that persuaded me to buy your products always.

As a regular ATLAS customer, I firmly believe that ATLAS Jewellery provides me with only the best. The most important thing for customers like me is the undisputed fact that the making charges at ATLAS Jewellery are the lowest in the market. I know lots of other people who have visited various other shops but they have always returned to ATLAS for their purchase because of the low making charges and other value additions.
- Shiju, Dubai

We are frequent visitors customers of ATLAS. The primary reason for that is the collection of designs you have. We never bargain regarding the price because we’re confident that ATLAS making charges are the most competitive in the market. In addition the customer service is great. No matter how much time we spend selecting ornaments, the sales executives will patiently show us all the jewellery we like with a smile on their face. This makes ATLAS our trusted jewellery store.
- Sanoob & Family, Bahrain

A large collection of items and fantastic customer service is what I love about ATLAS!
- Prince Jose, Bahrain

Great savings and the assurance that my ATLAS gold is of the highest quality keeps me coming back to your stores.
- Salim, Ras Al Khaimah

Whenever we need to purchase gold we will go only to your outlets. For the last 7 years I am a loyal and satisfied ATLAS customer and we refer all our friends to your stores as well. The assured purity of the gold, the low making charges and the helpful attitude of the sales staff are the reasons for our lasting relationship with you. ATLAS, my best wishes to you.
- Mohan Das, Bahrain

We trust ATLAS gold and its purity. ATLAS gold keeps its glitter for years. And the other main component that attracts us to you is the service provided by the staff who are highly committed to their work. I wish you all the success ATLAS!
- Sheba Thomas, Ras Al Khaimah

Your sales team was very knowledgeable of your jewellery products and patiently educated me on how to find the perfect diamond piece within my budget. I found that very refreshing compared to other stores where employees were just trying to make the sale. ATLAS, thank you for your transparency!
- Sabreena Eassa, Al-Ain

I’m pleased to say that me & my family love to shop at ATLAS Jewellery. The reason behind it is the purity and guarantee you offer with a minimum of making charges. It’s been almost 8-9 years that we’ve been buying our gold at ATLAS outlets. All the staff are very polite and humble to interact with, especially the staff at K.M. Trading in Dubai. My special thanks to Mr. Vijayan for the service he has provided us all these years and we hope to continue shopping with ATLAS throughout.
- Vinod & Family, Dubai

We are regular ATLAS customers and there are no words that come to mind to describe your organization. We love the designs, the low making charges and the excellent customer service. And the most important thing is that there is something for everyone, from the common man to the elite. Even someone with BD 10 can purchase gold here. We are thrilled to have a jewellery store like ATLAS in Bahrain. Thank you.
- Abdul Khalam Padickal & Family, Bahrain

I’ve purchased gold twice from ATLAS in Al-Ain. Your products as well as the staff’s attention to detail set the bar high for other jewellery stores.
- Aravindar, Al-Ain

We are regular customers and we choose ATLAS because of the high quality gold, great reputation and first-class customer service. We’ve purchased some gold ornaments during the Dubai Shopping Festival and we were pleasantly surprised with the design variety. We look forward to shopping with you again and again.
- Saravana Babu, Al-Ain

I absolutely love your collection of gold chains and rings. Your shop has the purest gold and I am one thoroughly satisfied customer.
- Maria Antonym, Al-Ain

ATLAS, your customer service is better than any other shop I’ve been to. Whenever I purchase gold I will choose only ATLAS and I refer my friends only to you as well. Keep up the great work!
- Abdul Bhasheer, Al-Ain

Trust, quality, exquisite craftsmanship, wonderful collections, terrific customer service, mega-promotions, memorable ads … What more could I ask for? Undeniably the most famous and the best jewellery company in the UAE in my mind. I truly wish ATLAS all the best and even more success in the future.
- Abdul Rafeeq, Dubai