The spirit of philanthropy is deeply imbedded in our culture. We believe it is simply the right thing to do and our commitment to giving back represents the very best of ATLAS. We have a long tradition of actively supporting the local communities where we work as well as back home in India. Our community initiatives span across the fields of welfare, education, film, literature, music and culture.

Offering Compassionate Medical Assistance

Through our hospitals and medical centers in the Gulf we strive to ensure health care access for all and are dedicated to contributing to the well-being of the communities we serve. We provide regular medical consultations for children with special needs free of cost. We also approve critical surgeries whenever possible. Our philosophy of health care includes a strong focus on preventative care and we conduct monthly medical education programs to help people lead healthy lifestyles. In addition, we organize frequent blood drives to help maintain a steady supply of blood to meet the needs of accident victims and help save the lives of countless patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses.

Supporting Education

Our vision is to inspire young people to always aim high and shoot for the stars. We present several gold medals to the top performers of high schools all over the Gulf. We also provide hundreds of scholarships to deserving students from various schools and colleges in Kerala in association with Pranam. In addition, we’ve also conducted several quiz shows for students to foster healthy competition and to instill in them the value of on-going growth and the pursuit of knowledge.

Promoting Cultural Activities

Keraleeya Samajam: The Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam makes a difference in the community by giving young people a safe place to learn, grow and realize their full potential as well-rounded individuals. ATLAS full heartedly supports the mission of the Samajam and we have recently donated USD 66,000 for developing their campus.

ATLAS Film Critics’ Awards: Through these ceremonies, ATLAS honors and recognizes popular movies and talented artists in the Malayalam Film Industry.

ATLAS Literary Awards: Along with Kairali TV, we nurture young writers and upcoming creative talents through these awards which are one of the most sought after accolades by aspiring Malayalam literary talents. The awards have been instituted to develop and identify latent literary talents in Malayalam in the genres of poetry, short story, drama and essay writing.

ATLAS-Jeevan Tele-film Festival: This event, conducted in association with Jeevan Telecasting Corporation, honors exemplary Tele-films and documentaries. Cash awards worth INR 5 lakhs were given to prize winning television shows during the inaugural festival. This was the first time an event like this was organized in the history of Malayalam television industry and now it is also an annual celebration.

Akshara Shloka Competition: This is a special style of poetical entertainment developed in Kerala. ATLAS is a staunch propagator of this unique art form and we are a long time patron of the Akhila Kerala Akshara Shloka Parishath and the Kozhikode Akshara Shloka Samiti. We are the main promoters of the Akshara Shloka Competition held annually at Thrissur and Kozhikode where gold medals and cash prizes are given to all winners.

Kathakali: Kathakali is a ‘dance-drama’ which originated in Kerala and is one of the oldest theatre forms in the world. ATLAS takes great pride in preserving this art form and is a proud patron of the Thrissur Kathakali Club and sponsors a program once every year.

Music: We have made generous contributions for the Baburaj Memorial Music School in Calicut. We provide jobs to nearly 10,000 people through the Baburaj establishments in India and the Gulf.

Supporting the Needy

Conditions in the Gaza strip have been harsh for a many number of years. However, after the conflict in early 2009, entire families lost everything and the scale of devastation was shocking. ATLAS has been dedicated to helping those affected and alleviating the suffering of innocent victims. We have donated aid to the hundreds of families and children affected by the Gaza Humanitarian Crisis and we hope peace can eventually be established.

ATLAS serves on the Executive Committee of the Indian Community Welfare Committee of Dubai. This is a very worthy organization through which a lot of good is done. Financial assistance is rendered to the needy and underprivileged for the purpose of food, shelter and medical expenses. Other services include free legal counseling, shelter for women in distress, periodic medical camps and free psychological counseling.

We have also provided strong financial support for the construction of the C.H. Memorial Cancer Centre at Calicut which is a great relief to thousands of patients. We also provide financial assistance to various TV channels whenever they bring the case of destitute people.

Other Initiatives

The Hajj is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world and one of the five pillars of Islam. We at ATLAS believe that the Hajj experience promotes peaceful coexistence, equality, and harmony. And so we contributed towards the construction of pilgrim shelters at Calicut Airport in the Mallapuram District which has the largest Muslim population in Kerala. We hope this helps pilgrims, even if only in a small way, to make this important journey of a lifetime.