ATLAS is famous for its seemingly never ending blitz of promotions. From gold bars to luxurious cars, ATLAS shoppers have had the chance to win some incredible prizes. Over the years, 75 of our patrons have driven home automobiles. Thousands have won gold. And the prizes just keep coming.

ATLAS 2010g in 2010
Customers are rewarded with a total of 2010 grams of Gold
ATLAS Gold Tola Bar 2010
50 Gold Tola bar are given away to winners in Dubai during DSF
ATLAS 1556 Sovereigns 2009
Because of the tremendous response from customers for the 1001 Sovereigns Promotion, offering 555 more Sovereigns more was a great delight for ATLAS. The Gold offer has just become longer, bigger and even better!
ATLAS 1001 Sovereigns 2009
One Thousand and One Arabian Nights was the inspiration for this promotion. 1001 gold sovereigns are given away, one gold coin for every night Scheherazade entertained King Shahryar with an enthralling tale!
ATLAS Gold Festival 2008
10 kilos of gold is up for grabs at a time when the gold price has surged to an all time high of over $1000 per troy ounce. It is *the* biggest promotion ever held by a single private entity.
ATLAS Golden Drive 2008
20 Suzuki cars are given away as rewards to 20 lucky ATLAS patrons. This campaign is made famous by the anchor’s hand gestures imitating the motion of a car in our TV commercials. It also coincides with Eid in Dubai Promotions.
ATLAS Talk in Style 2007
Nokia cell phones, Swiss watches and many other surprises are offered to ATLAS customers
ATLAS Arabian Gifts 2006
Exquisite silk saris are presented to ATLAS patrons
ATLAS Golden Holidays 2006
Air Tickets to India from Dubai are raffled away
ATLAS Golden Carnival 2005
Launched at the beginning of Ramadan, four Toyota Cars are presented as prizes
ATLAS Golden Dreams 2004
Eight lucky winners take home a brand new Toyota car
ATLAS Golden Link 2004
Customers are rewarded with a BPL Pre Paid Connection immediately upon arrival in India at the airport itself
ATLAS Golden Olympics 2004
Along with Khaleej Times, ATLAS gift vouchers worth AED 1,000 are given away for each day of the Olympics
ATLAS Golden Gift of Time 2004
Pierre Nicole watches are offered to ATLAS customers as shopping incentives
ATLAS Golden Drive 2003
A glittering gift of six Mercedes Benz Cars are raffled off to ATLAS customers
ATLAS Golden Feast 2003
A wealth of goodies including Kodak Cameras, Swiss watches and many other gifts are given to ATLAS customers during the Shopping Festival
ATLAS Golden Drive 2002
24 hours in a day, 24 karats in pure gold, 24 Mazda cars given away by ATLAS
ATLAS arrives in India 2002
Three Hyundai cars are given away in Cochin to mark the grand opening of our first branch in India
ATLAS Golden Drive 2001
10 Luxury Mercedes Benz cars are driven away by 10 lucky customers
ATLAS New Year Birthday Bash 2000
Between the holidays, a new millennium, fireworks and recovering from New Year’s Eve festivities, New Year’s Day birthdays can slip through the cracks. At the turn of the century, ATLAS gives away a free gold coin to everyone whose birthday falls on the first day of the year. And not just while stocks lasted but every person born on January 1st and shows up on the day is guaranteed a gold coin with no purchase necessary whatsoever.
ATLAS Golden Take-Off 1999
ATLAS partners up with Air India for the ATLAS Golden Take-Off. Over a 1000 gold coins are given away to passengers on flights to India with winners announced at the boarding lounges as well as onboard the plane.
ATLAS Golden Yathra 1992
Air Tickets are given away to any destination in India of the winner’s choosing. It is the first promotion in a long list of innovative marketing campaigns for the company and the first of its kind in the industry.
Other Popular Promotions
ATLAS Swarna Varsha
ATLAS Read & Win with Gulf News
ATLAS Golden Harvest with Malayala Manorama
ATLAS Gold Rush with Radio 4 FM
ATLAS Onam Ponnonam with Indian Actress Chanchal Hari


Partnering with Globally Reputed Brands
A number of global brands have been associated with ATLAS throughout our history: Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Lipton, Kodak, Coca Cola, Suzuki, Toyota, Air India.
These collaborations serve as a tribute to our impeccable craftsmanship.