Three Decades of Exceeding High Expectations

For 30 years people have relied on ATLAS for their jewellery needs. We offer a wide range of choice in fashionable jewellery, modern & chic as well as traditional & ethnic, coupled with the highest standards of purity and service. With over 50 establishments and a store in every major business market in the GCC we are a regional leader today because we have sustained our customers’ trust and exceeded their expectations throughout our history.

Our celebrated founder, M.M. Ramachandran, built our organization from the ground, dramatically expanded its foundations, introduced a rollercoaster of promotions adding even greater value to our products and services and has architected the rise of ATLAS to starry heights while he went on to become one of the “100 Most Powerful Indians in the GCC”. As we begin to embark upon our fourth decade of achievement, we recognize that there are still more mountains to climb and his great legacy continues to motivate and inspire us.